The road trip of a lifetime, that was my take on it.

It entailed much more than the locations in the following pictures, but for a reason I can’t recall, very sadly, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and all the regions in between were not captured.

In total were 20 days of exploring non-stop, and the memories I keep from this trip will forever remain.

Time and distance really become relative when you’re on a road trip in the US.

The scale of things seems to lose significance when you drive hours on the same road and the horizon never changes its landscape.

Endless mountains and dessert will keep you entertained but don’t get too comfortable, the high temperatures won’t let anyone stay off guard.

The skies have this deep clean blue colour I’ve never seen before and the clouds just look like the comfiest and fluffiest things I’ve ever seen this far.

Some of these pictures were taken as the car was moving simply because there were too many beautiful things around us to keep stopping.

April 2019 to May 2019
Shot with Canon EOS 600D

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